In life, there are plenty of people I find completely intolerable, but above all else I’m talking about liars. Now, I’m not saying that I’ve never told a lie, because I’d be lying. But once I hit about sixteen, I resolved to always be honest or be silent. The kinds of people that annoy me are people who supposedly lie to protect someone else or to prevent hurting them. I’m going to give two examples from my life;

My ex girlfriend had a best friend who always seemed really close to her, and always dropped hints to me that I should be jealous of her. When I asked my then girlfriend about it, she told me that the two had kissed once but it was before we went out and it hadn’t happened since. A while after we broke up, I found out from the friend that they had on multiple occasions done more. My ex had supposedly not wanted to hurt me by telling me this. Surely if she didn’t want to hurt me, it would’ve been better just not to have done it at all? So the thing that I hated was that she never told me herself, which would’ve been easier on me, instead I found out through someone else.

Similarly, I found out another lie told to me just yesterday. A while ago, as those who have read my previous post will know, I confessed my love for my best friend, but had jealous feelings towards one of our other friends. I asked her specifically about him. I made it clear that I always got the feeling that them two had something between them, but she assured me that it was all in my head and there was no reason for me to think that. I didn’t 100% believe it, but I didn’t think she’d lie to me. Now, four months later, I find out that at his party they’d gotten a little busy. Again, from someone else. I haven’t said anything to either of them. The reason is, I’m waiting for it to be brought up again. Every now and again, our friend would say “remember us at my party?” or “remember us with the rum?” or something similar. He always said it in a gloating tone and always around me. Now I know why. I’m waiting to see how often he keeps bringing it up before I say anything to either of them.


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